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The Enneagram series

Nuts and bolts of Enneagram_Raeda.jpg


  • 1-day Enneagram workshop to start your exploration of Enneagram


Enneagram coaching_Raeda.jpg


  • 1-1 Enneagram coaching

  • 75 minutes / session

  • Complimentary online assessment survey included

S$98 / session

Nuts and Bolts of Enneagram ($298) – 1 day workshop (8 hours)

Enneagram is a 9-Point Personality Type and Self Development tool that is widely used and favoured by psychologists and researchers, and it is very useful in helping people in: 

1.    Achieving personal growth
2.    Cultivating effective relationships at work, home and social
3.    Supporting your strengths, identifying your blind spots and managing expectations

Enneagram consists of 9 main and overarching types that interact with one another in unique ways. This model also features “wings,” which is a way of describing when an individual primarily shows the characteristics of one type but shares a few with another type as well. Enneagram focuses primarily on internal personality traits and attempts to describe deep motivations, fears, and emotional drivers rather than purely behaviour.

The objective of this Enneagram program is to provide the learners with an overview understanding of the 9 Personality Types to gain an understanding of the strengths, opportunity areas, motivations, communication and leadership styles, associated with the different Enneagram Personality types.

Upon completing the workshop, the learners will have a better understanding of their own core Personality type and also the other Personality types, identify their own strengths and opportunities for development, in order to enhance their personal effectiveness and maximize their potential to achieve the desirable goals in their lives.

In this workshop, learners will learn and gain the knowledge through experiential and activity-based learning approaches. Learning materials will be provided to all learners at the start of the workshop.

Learners will receive a “Certificate for Completion for Nuts and Bolts of Enneagram”, upon attending the workshop and passing a short quiz at the end of the workshop.




Nuts & Bolts of Enneagram

1-1 Enneagram Typing and Coaching ($98/per session) – 75 minutes

This 1-1 Enneagram Typing and Coaching session is to support and guide clients to discover more about themselves and their own Enneagram personality type. The coach will enable the clients to understand and know how to amplify their strengths and core character traits related to their Enneagram type, in order to maximise their potential and lead to a more fulfilling life. The session also includes a complimentary online Enneagram assessment survey to find out about their personality type which would be explained in greater depth during the coaching session.


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