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The economic outlook for 2022

We are now in the first month of year 2022. Have you ever wondered what to be expected for the year?

In December 2021, McKinsey Global Survey ran an online survey of the Covid-19 pandemic effect on the global economy. With 955 respondents that represent different regions, industries, companies, etc. around the world, the survey revealed the top 05 problems to the economy in every country in 2022, with the Covid-19 pandemic remaining the biggest threat.

1. The Covid-19 pandemic

2. Inflation

3. Supply-chain disruptions

4. Labor shortages

5. Geopolitical conflicts

However, the world is believed to be in a better position with higher vaccination rate and the harsh lessons governments have learned for the past 02 years of tackling the Covid-19 disaster. As more countries eye on reopening plans and post-pandemic courses of action, and scientists worldwide have pointed out the positive side of the widespread coronavirus infections, we can expect a possible, though slow, economic recovery in every region of the globe.



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