Our vision

Our team works with a burning desire to prepare and develop every individual to be the captain of their lives, and to empower people to learn and value their own potentials.

That's how we keep the values of "Respect", "Appreciate", "Empower", "Devoted", and "Authentic".

Our mission

We train, mentor, and groom the knights of the future.

We inspire the aspiring game-changers.

We explore the true potential in every individual.


Our key personnel

They come from different backgrounds, but they are united under one belief: everyone was born with talents and inner strengths that can be waken and grow through the process of coaching and mentoring.

Everyone needs a coach and mentor.

Once learning and development are enabled, we improve. There is no royal road to learning.

And, nothing will change unless you change.

Marcus Daniel Lim_Leadership coaching at Raeda Professional Services.jpg


Life Coach & Leadership Coach

With more than 15 years of people management and team leadership management, Marcus mastered the skills in transforming human potentials into actions and personal empowerment in life. 

His many years in the top management role in the corporate world cement his expertise as a leadership coach.

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Kok Chuan_KC_EQ & Career Consultation.JPG


Career Coach & Youth Mentor

When it comes to young adults and students, KC is ready with his passion for helping them explore their strengths and his experience in mentoring the youth.


He believes in the power of intention and the capability to learn and grow in anyone of us.

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Tessa Tran Thao_build your LMS with us


General Manager (Vietnam market)

As a skilled translator and e-learning professional, Tessa is the linkage between our Singapore team and the Vietnamese customer community.


Her rich experience in translation and interpreting, her expertise in e-learning & Learning Management System (LMS), and her advantage as a Vietnamese local and businesswoman have gained our trust in her, empowering her to act as our representative in Vietnam. 

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